Monday, September 26, 2005


The Coupe de Villes

Did you know the band The Coupe de Villes is comprised of director John Carpenter (on vocals and guitar), director Nick Castle (on keyboards and vocals), and director Tommy Lee Wallace (on guitar)? The three have worked together on films (and been friends) since Carpenter's feature debut Dark Star in 1974. Carpenter, of course, is best known for his films Halloween, The Fog, Starman, The Thing and Escape From NY. Castle -- who played The Shape in Carpenter's Halloween -- went on to direct The Last Star Fighter, The Boy Who Could Fly, and Dennis the Menace, among others. Wallace -- who served as editor on both Halloween and The Fog -- directed two sequels to Carpenter films: Halloween III: Season of the Witch and Vampires: Los Muertos. As The Coupe de Villes, the three directors/musicians were featured on the soundtrack to Carpenter's film Big Trouble in Little China, performing the theme song, written by Carpenter. The band cut an album in 1986 entitled Waiting out the Eighties, but it was never officially released (Carpenter has said in interviews that he has handed out copies of the album to friends). Carpenter, Wallace, Castle also have a cameo as The Coupe de Villes in Castle's 1987 film The Boy Who Could Fly. When I interviewed Carpenter in 1998, on his 50th birthday, I asked him about the band, and he told me he was scheduled to play with them that night. Belonging to a band does not seem like a leap for Carpenter who has been actively involved in creating music for his films from the start.

John Carpenter's music for Halloween is one of the great film themes of all time.
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