Friday, September 09, 2005


Is It Time for RoboFlight 2?

Emerging from the train station on Continental Ave in Forest Hills, NY, I ran into Dionisio Shin, the director of RoboFlight, the Telly award-winning SciFi short that I happened to score. The film played for three years on the SciFi Channel thanks to a deal its producer, Zohar Rom, was able to make with the cable network. It tells the story of a top secret virtual reality mission at a military base gone awry when a goofy teenage computer hacker breaks into the system and unexpectedly takes a second plane for a ride himself. Shin and I talked about the possibilities of future projects. Rom (who, as I write this, is on his way to Israel to see his ailing mother), I'm told, is interested. With Shin, Rom and I onboard, (perhaps some new talent?) and today's digital technology... is RoboFlight 2 (or anything we imagine for that matter) too far away?

Dude, do you have a copy of this short ? I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE and nobody will believe me when I tell them about it because there's precious little information on the 'net about it. "Welcome to RoboFlight... wanna chip?" conrad at
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