Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Kevin Costner & Baseball Movies

I was just about to settle in and watch The Upside of Anger on DVD when a question sprung to mind: What is it with Kevin Costner and baseball movies? In The Upside of Anger, Costner plays former baseball great Denny Davies (a fictional character said to be based on a combination of real-life ballplayers Denny McLain and Kirk Gibson). This makes the fifth film in which Costner has either portrayed a baseball player or been associated with baseball. His film debut was in the 1982 baseball movie Chasing Dreams. His breakthrough role was as minor league ballplayer, Crash Davis, in the 1988 film Bull Durham. He followed that the next year with the homerun, Field of Dreams. (His character Ray Kinsella builds a baseball field in his cornfield and the ghosts of the disgraced 1919 White Sox, and someone much more important to Kinsella, show up.) In 1999, Costner took the starring role as Billy Chapel, a pitcher at the end of his career who must choose between baseball and the woman of his dreams, in For Love of the Game, directed by a pre-Spider-Man Sam Raimi. And now, The Upside of Anger in 2005. One can only imagine what's on deck.

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