Thursday, September 29, 2005


The Nurses of Halloween II

In 1978, when Halloween went on to become the most successful independent motion picture of all time, demand for a sequel was enormous, so John Carpenter and Debra Hill (who passed away this year) -- who were responsible for the first film -- wrote a sequel. Halloween II, which arrived in theaters in 1981, takes place the same night as Halloween and is set, mainly, in Haddonfield Hospital, where the character of Laurie Strode (Jaime Lee Curtis) -- the sole survivor of the first film -- is taken to recover. The hospital seems all but deserted, but we are introduced to four nurses: the sweet girl-next-door nurse, Jill Franco (played by Tawny Moyer); the naughty nurse, Karen Bailey (played by Pamela Susan Shoop); Janet Marshall (played by Ana Alicia); and head nurse, Mrs Alves (played by Gloria Gifford). Of course, all of these nurses meet with a horrible demise at the hands of The Shape, Michael Myers. (These include being impaled and lifted off the ground with a surgical knife from behind; being drowned in scalding water; having a needle inserted into the temple; and being drained of blood with an IV needle). But what happened to the attractive quartet of actresses who played these doomed medical caretakers? Well...Tawny Moyer has continued to act (mainly on TV) and occasionally makes personal appearances at comic book/film conventions. She appears as herself in the epic, soon-to-be-released documentary Halloween: 25 Years of Terror and maintains her own website, where fans can view photos of her and link to many other Halloween film related sites. Pamela Susan Shoop, the maternity nurse who leaves babies in the ward to fool around in the hospital's therapeutic hot tub -- ironically -- fell in love with a Jesuit priest (and later married him, when he left the order). Their love story is told in the bestselling autobiography "What God Hath Joined." Together they have formed a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation called, AMA DEUM, (Latin for "Love God"), with the hope to, one day, restore the right to marry to Roman Catholic priests. She also maintains a website and appears in the documentary Halloween: 25 Years of Terror. Ana Alicia (whose character dies with syringe to the temple) was a regular in the TV series Falcon Crest for awhile, but has not acted (on TV or in films) since the late 90s. After Halloween II, Gloria Gifford had small roles in numerous films including 48Hrs, This is Spinal Tap and The Others. She also appears in the upcoming Halloween: 25 Years of Terror.

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