Monday, September 05, 2005


Why Are the Movies Special?

As human beings we have learned that as our capacity for communication grows more and more advanced, it has, in turn, affected how we act, how we think, how we feel. Movies have done this for more than 100 years, giving us the most communal of art forms. Who hasn't jumped at a horror film when the stranger next to you screams and then share a nervous, almost embarrassed, laugh with the crowd around you? Have you ever shed a tear or gotten choked up when you've heard people (whom you don't even know) sniffle or wipe their eyes at a particularly sad moment in a film? And which one of us has not had his or her laugh amplified by a crowd cackling at something funny on screen? Movies connect us. That's what makes them special. It's that simple. They show us what is common to us. They break down barriers. When we sit in a darkened movie theater, the color of our skin, our height, whether we are male or female, fat or skinny doesn't matter. The movie connects what is IN us. Our fears. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our desires. Our humor. Our compassion. Our humanity.

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