Friday, October 07, 2005


Film School 101 for Blockbuster Employees

Here's a suggestion: Viacom should make it mandatory for all of its Blockbuster Video employees to pass a film quiz before being hired, otherwise require them to undergo six months of corporate training in basic film history, film appreciation and film theory. Blockbuster customers should not know more about films than Blockbuster employees. It should not be acceptable for a Blockbuster employee to look at a customer with a blank stare if asked about a film that was released more than six months ago. When Blockbuster Video roared onto the scene, it effectively shut down 99.9 percent of all the independent video rental stores (many of them run by people who had a love and/or knowledge of film), therefore the DVD rental chain should be held to task and require its workforce to appear somewhat intelligent about the films it carries. A few other quips: Why are so many seminal films not carried by Blockbuster? I mean shouldn't every major film by Hitchcock, Coppola, Kubrick, Capra and Chaplin be a given? How can Blockbuster carry the sequels to certain films but not the films themselves? How is it that Fellini's 8 1/2 is in the drama section and not the foreign film section? Is it acceptable that Kurosawa's epic Ran (which is both a drama and foreign) is stuck in the action section, opposite Godzilla films? Who decides this?

Why don't you apply to Blockbuster?
All sorts of unqualified people work for companies. Look at Michael Brown, fema.
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