Thursday, October 27, 2005


Films as a Force for Good

Check this out. This is the kind of film festival I love discovering. The Buckeye Ranch Film Festival ( -- sponsored by the Buckeye Ranch, a private, nonprofit mental health care network in central Ohio -- is a showcase and competition that invites students from around the world to submit short films that depict their day-to-day struggles with violence, substance abuse, drinking, smoking and eating disorders. You can view the featured films of the 2005 competition on the festival's website. Dying to Be Thin deals with the issue of eating disorders. Is This Love? tackles the topic of violence within a relationship. Choices spotlights drug abuse in high school while A Night to Remember looks at drinking and drug abuse on a prom night with dire consequences. Other fun items on the website include short behind-the-scenes documentaries on these films and a cool interactive quiz called "The Director's Cut," with multiple-choice questions for the aspiring filmmaker. Winner gets to download the poster for this year's festival as wallpaper for his/her computer. It's always refreshing to see the medium and art of film used as a force for good. Here's hoping the program has a long and productive run.

This kind of experience for children is life altering. How cool would it be if a major motion picture studio would take on a major initiative like this? Provide the resources (man power and equipment) to make these kinds of films acroos the country. Perhaps there some kids out there that might find their niche and become the next Martin Scorsese.
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