Monday, October 03, 2005


First Little Shop of Horrors, Then The Producers, Now Hairspray

Hairspray, the low-budget 1988 film from former underground director John Waters is on its way to becoming the third film in what, I think, is a fun trend: that of the non-musical film which inspires a Broadway musical which, in turn, is adapted into a big budget movie musical. Follow? Little Shop of Horrors kinda led the way. The original version (a cult favorite) was shot in just a couple of days by director Roger Corman in 1960. Twenty-two years later, songwriters Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (the team who would go on to revive the dying Disney animation franchise with The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast and Aladdin) thought it would make a great stage musical. In 1982, that version premiered to rave reviews and then went on to be adapted, in 1986, as a movie musical by director Frank Oz. The Producers, a non-musical comedy starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, won writer/director Mel Brooks an Oscar for screenwriting in 1968. In 2001, it was made into a Broadway musical, directed by Susan Stroman, and went on to set a new Broadway record, receiving 12 Tony awards (a clean sweep), including Best Musical of the Year. That outstanding success then led to the Stroman-directed film version of the musical, due out later this year, starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick (both of whom originated their characters on stage). Hairspray followed The Producers to the stage in 2003 (with the brilliant casting of Harvey Fierstein in the role originated by Divine in the film). It also went on to win the Tony for Best Musical and is now coming full circle and being made into the movie musical version of itself. Cast and director are not yet finalized and a release date is tentatively being set for 2007. I'm interested in seeing which film might be next.

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What about movies that spawn parasite broadway shows? For example the "Wicked" develops the wicked witch of the west's character into her own full length musical.
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