Saturday, October 01, 2005


Tribute to VHS Movie Packaging at Wendy's

I popped into Wendy's today, for lunch with my children, and noticed that, with its Kid's Meals, the fast food chain had teamed up with Universal Studios Home Entertainment to offer various movie-related toys in boxes that were miniature replications of vintage (and I can't believe I'm using the word vintage to describe this) VHS packaging of five family films: An American Tail, Babe, Back to the Future, Beethoven, and Casper. (Did they do this alphabetically?) I have always been a sucker for a movie's poster art. Remember in the pre-DVD days, when VHS packages for children or family films came in oversized plastic boxes rather that the standard cardboard slipcovers? Disney used this all the time. And so did Universal, for certain titles, including those currently at Wendy's. Anyway, I thought it was a great promotion paying homage to established films rather than serving as commercial tie-ins for new, untested ones.

I believe that Chick Filet had a promostion a year or so ago where they gave out books to kids in there kid's meals. While it doesn't promote movies it does promote literacy!
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