Friday, November 04, 2005



I guess size doesn't matter. Apparently people want porn -- even if it's puny -- to be portable. Last month, Apple Computer announced a video version of its very popular iPod music player. I argued at the time that this was not a step forward for motion pictures and that watching a movie, the size of a matchbook cover, was not advancement. (see Movies on My Mind: 10/17/05, "How Many Movies Can You Fit on the Head of a Pin?) Now comes word that the adult film industry has begun to produce five minute movies specifically designed to be viewed on the Video iPod. According to newspaper and radio reports today, one adult website claims it logged 500,000 downloads of its sexy "featurettes" (three-to five-minute film clips) in the first 24 hours after marketing to the new iPod-owning audience. Vivid Entertainment Group, a major adult film production company, also announced that it now plans to shoot shorter films specifically for the iPod, and other portable motion picture devices. Sin City, a company based in Chatsworth, CA -- which already offers trailers of full-length adult films for the Sony PlayStation Portable -- has announced that it too will produce full-length adult films for the video iPod. This raises important questions of regulations and public display of such material. But more importantly, does watching such films on a one-inch screen really provide the desired results? Talk about shrinkage!

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