Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Spidey vs Sandman

As many fans of the Spider-Man comics know, Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi's blockbuster sequel to Spider-Man left the door open for several possible villains in Spider-Man 3. Three characters in the second film could have been developed into the new Green Goblin, the Lizard, and Man Wolf. But now comes word that Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church (of Sideways fame) will play the Spider-Man villain The Sandman in the third film. This is a bit of a surprise as The Sandman was not one of Spidey's more arch enemies (like, say, the Vulture). As a teenager, I was a great fan of the Spider-Man comics. During the years I was married, I even lived in Spidey's hometown of Forest Hills, NY for a while. So I had been following the development of a Spider-Man movie for many years. When all of the red tape was finally sorted through, and it was announced that Sam Raimi had been picked to bring the Spider-Man story to the big screen, I thought it was a bold choice, but one that has obviously paid off both aesthetically and in boxoffice returns. I interviewed Raimi before he was selected to direct Spider-Man and found him to be a knowledgeable filmmaker and an affable guy. Turns out, he's also a great fan of the Spider-Man legend, and has reflected that in the films he's made thus far. Unlike Batman and Superman, who live in fictional versions of New York City (Gotham and Metropolis), Spider-Man has always existed in the real New York. Raimi's faithful adaptations of this superhero's legend have clearly reached beyond the Spider-Man fan base catapulting both Spider-Man and its sequel into spots on the list of the top ten most popular films of all time.

My question is this: Why ARE all the superheros based in NY? Better health coverage? You'd think at least one would want to live in the mid west!
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