Friday, December 16, 2005


Christmas Film Quiz

'Twas a week (or so) before Christmas and I thought gee whiz, instead of a blog, I'll post a film quiz. Some answers are easy, some less so, but give it a try, before you go.
1) What do Jan Rubes, Tom Hanks, Armand Meffre, Ed Asner, Mickey Rooney, Sebastian Cabot, Sir Richard Attenborough, Ed Wynn, David Huddleston, Art Carney, Tim Allen, and Edmund Gwenn all have in common?
2) Can you name the only two of Santa's reindeer sleigh team to have their own feature film? (Hint: One film was animated, the other live action.)
3) What is the most successful Christmas film of all time?
4) What Christmas film has been remade more than any other?
5) Name two Christmas films nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

6) Name two films that include both the holidays of Halloween and Christmas.
7) What is the first Christmas present Santa gives in the film The Polar Express?
8) What distinguished actors play the three wise men (the magi) in Jesus of Nazareth?
9) Which of the following screen strongmen was not in a Christmas movie: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone or Hulk Hogan? (Bonus: Can you name the films the other two were in?)
10) On what famous Christmas movie is the film It Happened One Christmas based?
Good luck. Have fun!

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