Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Front Line Films

Having grown up on MTV music videos and Internet film downloads, the current crop of soldiers in Iraq, CBS News recently reported, has been making home movies of the war zone in ways never before seen in any U.S. war. But these films are not only capturing the hell of battle (which they are, in close-up detail). In downtime, the soldiers are also filming themselves, doing wheelies on dirtbikes, playing air guitar, and attacking Porta Potties!! British soldiers, in country, reportedly made a spoof music video, so popular in England, that it crashed the Ministry of Defense's computer when people tried to download it. In an era of reality TV, these kinds of films don't seem so odd. Do they? In time, they'll serve as time capsule for the attitudes of the fighting soldiers and a glimpse into the front line of war that just can't be replicated in fiction, no matter how good it is.

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