Tuesday, December 13, 2005


George Clooney: Filmmaker to Watch

Proving to be more than the TV pretty boy he played on ER and bouncing back from portraying Batman in the worst installment of the series, George Clooney, has, of late, proven he's a filmmaker and actor to watch. Scoring huge with Golden Globe nominations today, Clooney was recognized for his writing and directorial effort on Good Night, and Good Luck as well as his acting in the timely and provocative Syriana. After making some smart acting choices in films such as Out of Sight, The Thin Red Line, Three Kings, and O Brother Where Art Thou, Clooney made his mark as a director with the independent Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Like that film, his two current efforts have more than a bit of political intrigue. In fact, some have already dubbed Clooney the filmmaker with the greatest political conscious working today. I will say this. He has made interesting, and not obvious, choices, which is always refreshing for the industry. If his gambles pay off, though, look for Hollywood to try and replicate with similarly themed films. Hopefully, by then, Clooney will be off forging new filmic ground elsewhere.

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