Monday, December 05, 2005


The Griswold Offspring

Is this a cinematic first? While Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo have resprised their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold in each of the National Lampoon Vacation films, the Griswold children, Audrey and Rusty have NEVER been played by the same actors twice. In the 1983 original, Vacation, Audrey is played by Dana Barron, and Rusty by (the reigning geek king of John Hughes 80s comedies) Anthony Michael Hall. However, in 1985's European Vacation, Audrey is played by Dana Hill, while Rusty is portrayed by Jason Lively. By 1989's Christmas Vacation, Audrey is played by Juliette Lewis (yes, that Juliette Lewis), and Rusty, now shorter and younger, is realized by Johnny Galicki. Almost a decade later, in the fourth (and final?) installment, Vegas Vacation, Marisol Nichols became Audrey, with Ethan Embry stepping into Rusty's shoes. Why? Who knows. Clearly, given the fact that there is 14 years between the original and its most recent sequel, the actors may have been a bit unconvincing as children. Still, that doesn't explain the recasting for the first two films, which are just a couple of years apart.

I don't know about other movies, but it happens in TV Land. Remember the two Darren's of Bewitched or Roseanne's flip flopping between original Becky to new Becky then back to original Becky.
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