Thursday, December 22, 2005


Part of a Balanced Breakfast

I remember being excited to find a plastic toy in my cereal box. Now, Kellogg's is offering MGM and 20th Century Fox movies on DVD as part of its "Movie Lovers Collection" promotion. The offer for MGM titles ends June 30, 2006. The Fox titles go to December 31, 2007! Both collections include new and vintage films, such as the classics Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and 12 Angry Men. More information is available at and What a great way for children to be introduced to films they might not have otherwise known. I remember how I would read the cereal box at breakfast to learn of the latest offers. Hopefully this promotion will ignite discussions about these films.

Man, it sucks to be a kid today! I'm all for the plastic toys! Even if you waited through five boxes of cereal to get the certificates, mailed them in and waited another 6-8 weeks for your movie, most of them are rated PG-13 and some are even rated R.

Clearly, this is an adult promotion. I say, "Kids of the world unite! Bouncy balls and spy glasses for all!"
What kid wouldn't rather get an R rated movie in his Wheaties than a plastic spy glass?
If the movie came directly in the box he/she might like it...but it is all about the instant gratification.
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