Thursday, December 01, 2005


Top Films, Little Fanfare

It's being reported like a paradigm shift in Hollywood marketing. Steven Spielberg's Munich and Terrence Malick's The New World, will both open quietly, at the end of the year, minus an onslaught of television and newspaper interviews from the directors. That news comes in sharp contrast to the media circus that accompanied Spielberg's early effort this year, War of the Worlds. That film was pre-fabricated from the start -- right down to its debut on DVD late last month, just in time to buy as stocking stuffers. So, it's refreshing to hear that Spielberg and Malick (who is traditionally press shy, anyway) will let their films do the talking. Imagine. Allowing a film to speak for itself. What will Hollywood think of next?

The trailer for Munich looks good. I just hope it's not too anti-Palestinian.
A, please call Jon at home and leave your # (we're in NY this weekend)
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