Saturday, December 31, 2005


Watching a Ball Drop

One of the most famous moving images each year, on this day, is a ball sliding down a pole to count down the last minute of the year, and ring in the new. It symbolizes for me why the concept of motion picture has fascinated audiences worldwide for more than 100 years now. Movement on screen. The ability to freeze history or push it along can both be attributed to motion picture. And so, on each New Year's Eve, to mark the passage of time, people around the globe watch the moving image of a ball dropping in Times Square, NY. Millions gather at the location to see it. But billions more tune in to see the one-minute event, live on motion picture. Like the movies themselves, this is a communal experience. For that moment in time, it connects its audience. For a minute, we all see that simple image captured on motion picture.

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