Saturday, January 28, 2006


Ben Franklin: Superstar

Founding father Benjamin Franklin had one of those lives that seems too fantastical to be believed on film. Maybe that's why there has yet to be a memorable film version of his life. Publisher. Inventor. Diplomat. Journalist. Philosopher. Ambassador. Revolutionary. Ladies' Man. He could certainly be considered a superstar, in his day. This month (January 17th, to be specific) marked Franklin's tricentential birthday. So, perhaps, now's the time for his amazing life to be revised on the screen, stripped of the jigoistic fanfare that usually accompanies attempts at filming events of the American Revolution and the early years of this country. While certainly and astounding man, Franklin was by no means a perfect man, or saintly. How great would it be for a film to capture both the greatness and the humanity of Franklin? A number of well-known actors have taken a shot at playing Franklin including Tom Bosley, Charles Durning, and Howard Da Silva, in the musical 1776. But I know there's a great film of Franklin's life waiting to be made. When it is, I will be first in line to see it.

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