Monday, January 02, 2006


Bollywood Goes Hollywood?

Talk about product placement! Shameless exposure for corporate products has become the norm in Hollywood features, but now comes word that Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo -- China's largest manufacturer of personal computers, and the eighth largest manufacturer of PCs in the world -- is "sponsoring" a Bollywood movie in an effort to make a push into the Indian PC market. According to published reports, Lenovo reached an agreement with director Madhur Bhandarkar to sponsor his upcoming movie, ironically titled, Corporate, in which the lead character will in turn endorse Lenovo's products. Bollywood has never shied from the fact that it wants to be as successful as Hollywood. In fact, some reports claim it is already more successful, on the whole. So it's not a shock that corporate influence would eventually creep in to Bollywood films. Afterall, across the pacific, in L.A., corporate influence hasn't crept into Hollywood films, it owns them.

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