Thursday, January 05, 2006


For Christ's Sake!

An Indiana TV station refuses to air NBC's The Book of Daniel, because it shows a priest talking with Jesus. That's ironic, because, isn't that was what priests are supposed to do! Getting into the mix on the ban is the American Family Association, the anti-abortion group that also tried, a few years back, to argue that Walt Disney cartoons had subliminal sex in them. But frankly, I'm confused. This sort of puts me in mind of the theme from The Godfather Part II. Michael Corleone is so blinded by his "duty" to protect his family, he doesn't realize he's destroying it. Are the radical "Christians" of this country now doing the same? Are they so hell-bent on banning everything they find objectionable that they now find themselves banning Jesus too? It makes no sense. That same core group seemed to have no problem watching the character of Jesus Christ have his skin ripped apart for more than two hours during The Passion of the Christ. (In fact, they catapulted the film into the all-time top ten!) But the same group protested Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ in 1988 (having not even seen it) without realizing that it, in fact, depicted Christ refusing the last temptation of the devil to come down from the cross and get married. I happen to think Jesus' appearance in Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant was a stroke of genius, as it not only embodied the guilt and angst the main character was experiencing but also his need for forgiveness. And for those painfully unaware, I should point out, Jesus as been a TV character on the highly irreverent animated series South Park for years!!! He not only lives in South Park, but has his own public-access TV show! Grow up people. Jesus as a character in a movie or a TV show is not one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.

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