Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hannity vs. Rhodes

Forget the Hulk Hogan wrestling flick No Holds Barred or the Jerry Springer feature fight fest Ringmaster...here is a match up I'd like to see on screen: Hannity vs Rhodes: Battle for the Middle. An astute colleague of mine pointed out recently, what passes for political discourse today, isn't that different from wrestling. There are good guys and bad guys and everyone is talking really loud. It's rude, confrontational and (metaphorically) bloody. There's no middle ground. No room for compromise. Every day, it's winner-takes-all, in a steel-cage, grudge match. The Right Wing's resident bulldog Sean Hannity thinks nothing of stepping all over guests who don't agree with his pre-set (Pro-Bush) agenda. Likewise, the obviously intelligent, but sometimes redundant, Randi Rhodes is no shrinking violet herself. Armed with a considerable amount of referenced facts, but also with a pre-set (Anti-Republican) agenda, Rhodes argues her Left leaning position, each day on Air America, every bit as ferociously as Hannity does his. Watching the two of them square off -- I mean truly debate specific issues (without a script) -- would make a fascinating film. Currently, both personalities essentially preach to their respective choirs. If some poor, unsuspecting "middle-of-the-roader" sneaks in a call on either radio program, and dares to suggest that perhaps both sides of a left/right argument may have merit, he or she is eaten alive, or promptly cut off. Hannity and Rhodes are warriors for their causes, and as such, seeing them together, on film, would be tantamount to watching gladiators do battle.

Thanks for this blog. I must admit, I stopped listening to Hannity because of the loud nature of his discourse, and that he tends to beat the same 3 notes. I have enjoyed listening to Randi more of late, but mostly because she is more wacky than radical, more conspiracy than conscience.

I am afraid that a match between the two of them would only serve to cause collateral damage--the audience will be slaughtered, but they will live on to fight, shout, and (to borrow from O'Reilly) bloviate, another day.

Again, thanks for your post--it's great!
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