Thursday, January 26, 2006


Park City Digital Report: Year Three

In late 2003 -- to provide breaking film technology information, and cover the most talked about movies and movie makers at the country's leading film festivals -- I created and launched the first of a series of film festival daily newspapers dubbed, the Digital Reports. The series was inaugurated at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah with the Park City Digital Report debut in January 2004. The publications were distributed throughout the town thanks to a distribution deal I forged with the local Park City Record. Later in 2003, the Digital Report appeared at two other leading film festivals. In May, the Tribeca Digital Report hit New York and was distributed throughout downtown Manhattan and at the festival by The Village Voice. In September, the Telluride Digital Report was distributed at the Telluride Film Festival (through a cooperative deal with the Telluride Daily Planet.) I'm proud to say the Park City Digital Report is now in its third year of publication and distribution at Sundance. To read this year's four issues of the Park City Digital Report go to: Word on the street is, the Digital Report brand is now being extended to the Toronto Film Festival as well.

Under your leadership, wasn't the Park City Digital Report larger than 8 pages?
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