Thursday, January 19, 2006


Three Old Men & a Bullwhip

I've grown weary of all the online chatter surrounding a fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series. Simply put, the time has passed for such a film. And let's face it, while the first one was a dead-on homage to old Saturday morning serials (and a real fun romp, to boot); the second one was a silly mess that played, at times, like a theme park ride; and the third one was merely derivative of the first! So, enough. I don't care if he's engaged to Calista Flockhart and wears an earring; at 64 this year, Harrison Ford is too old to play the swashbuckling Indy. George Lucas (having just milked a decade worth of audiences from his latest Star Wars franchise) needs to either mine some new territory, or retire and enjoy his billions. And Steven Spielberg (at times, a masterful filmmaker), has gone on to more challenging films. Yes, it was thrilling in 1981 when these three men teamed up to make Raiders of the Lost Ark (Although, I distinctly remember liking Superman II more, that year). There's a reason the phrase "going to the well one time too many" exists. It was fun 25 years ago. But this well is dry. Move on gentlemen.

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