Friday, February 10, 2006


Ed Norton, Alligator Victim

I love inside-jokes in films, and I always thought this was one of the best. In the slightly tongue-in-cheek 1980 film Alligator -- written by the talented John Sayles and directed by Lewis Teague, who also directed for Alfred Hitchcock Presents and went on to make Cujo -- the first victim of the mutant alligator living in the sewers of New York is none other than dedicated sewer worker Ed Norton. As all fans of The Honeymooners know, Norton (portrayed by Art Carney) was the loyal pal of bus driver Ralph Kramden (played by "The Great One," Jackie Gleason). It was brilliant, and quite funny, to subtly suggest that Norton met his demise on the job by the alligator in this film.

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