Monday, February 06, 2006


Please, Say Anything, Again

Much in the way director Richard Linklater and actors Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy were able to brilliantly revisit the characters they created for Before Sunrise in the superior (real time) sequel Before Sunset, it would be absolutely amazing for writer/director (and now Oscar-winner) Cameron Crowe to give us another glimpse into the lives of Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court, the characters he created for the masterpiece of teenage romance, Say Anything. Now one of the best actors of his generation, John Cusack (who played Lloyd) and Ione Skye (who so beautifully portrayed Diane) breathed such humanity and realism into their characters, I want to know, where are these characters now. Afterall, it's been 17 years since Lloyd and Diane stepped on that plane to Europe. Did they get married? Did it last? If not, why? Did they go their separate ways in Europe? Do they think about each other? With all the principals of the original film still available (including John Mahoney -- who today is better known as Fraiser Crane's father on TV's Fraiser than Diane's father in Say Anything), now is the time to make this film! Hollywood is often in the habit of extending the stories of on-screen characters we couldn't care less about. Here's an opportunity for one of Hollywood's most talented writer/directors and some of its best performers to once again embody the characters they made us care so much about the first time around. So please, Say Anything, again. I trust that Crowe can do for the thirtysomething and fortysomething crowd (who grew up with these characters) what he did for teenagers back in the 80s. Say Anything was an intelligent and knowing alternative to the over-the-top, often obnoxious, and completely artificial teen comedies of John Hughes. I truly believe that a sequel to Say Anything would be Crowe's finest film to date. Here's hoping we get to see it.

It's interesting you should mention extending the on screen lives of characters we don't care about. I saw an interview with Harrison Ford today and when asked about another installment for Indiana Jones he said it was in the works....although he would give a date for shooting to begin.

You are right, there are some characters that you just naturally wonder what might have become of them. Then there are others where another avalanche or shoot-out/explosion scene doesn't add anything to the character's depth.
would not give a date.....sorry folks!
What happened to director John Hughes?
I couldn’t disagree with you more – that movie ended on the perfect note, with Lloyd and Diane flying off into the big unknown, together. To me, that's a perfect movie that summed up a great point in everyone’s life -- taking that big step into life. Personally, I think “the BIG UNKNOWN” should stay that way.

There’s a theme that runs throughout the film of each of the characters facing their fear of the unknown – Lloyd pinning over and finally taking Diane out; Diane going to the party with Lloyd; Diane staying out all night without letting her father know; Lloyd showing the old folks Cocoon; Mr. Cort realizing that he’s been caught; Diane showing up to visit her Dad in prison. The final shot, as Diane grabs Lloyd’s hand as the plane is taking off, really wraps up the whole story – they’ve got each other, and that’s all they need. Cut to the credits…

Call me a romantic, but I don’t want to know where these characters are now – when last we saw them, they had each other and that was all that they needed…
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