Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Sony in the Pink

Looks like the Sony/MGM deal is making more and more sense every day. Add The Pink Panther to the list of franchises now being given new life by the Sony purchase of MGM/UA. Late last year, I wrote about the revivals of both the Rocky and the James Bond series under the new ownership of Sony. Now, it seems, the long retired Pink Panther series, currently starring Steve Martin (as Inspector Clouseau, the role created by Peter Sellers 43 years ago), has been successfully revived as well. The Pink Panther opened this past weekend in the (all important) number one spot. With marketing opportunities that weren't available when the original series ended (for example, advertising on the all-kids Nickelodeon network), Sony has been able to position this new Panther film to children as well as their parents. (My six-year-old son was asking me to take him to the film for weeks before it opened!) I remember when Sony Music signed a five album deal with the then aging Rolling Stones, and thinking, "That was a bad move, these guys won't last for one more album." But that was back in the late 80s. And The Stones are currently circling the globe on their latest tour, in 2006. Will aging Bond and Rocky still perform for Sony too? I won't venture a guess, but I'm beginning to see some method to this madness.

I dont think they will have any trouble getting the Rocky and the Bond franchises to make money for them as long as they stay true to what made these movies what they were to begin with.
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