Friday, February 24, 2006


Spidey's Back...In Black...433 Days From Now

Ok. A couple of things here. It may not be a record, but Sony Pictures has just released the first official poster for Spider-man 3...a mere 433 days before the film is set to open on May 4, 2007. The black-and-white artwork of a brooding Spider-man, looking almost like a gargoyle against a building, in the rain, is magnificent. This image (which can be seen at the film's official website, is incorporated into a Daily Bugle cover page. (For non Spider-man fans, The Daily Bugle is the newspaper at which Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, works.) Great concept! Above the image, the newspaper headline reads: "Spider-man is Wearing a Black Suit!" Ok. That was pretty clear, don't you think? But wait. In case you didn't understand that headline, at the bottom of this image, the folks at Sony have added the following: "You may think you're looking at a black-and-white photo. Look closely, Spider-man wears a black suit in Spider-man 3." Really? You don't say? Hmm. Didn't the headline kinda spell that out? Does Sony's marketing team think Spider-man fans are morons?

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