Sunday, February 12, 2006


Wacky Words Documentary

Today comes word that documentary filmmaker Gregg Brown -- whom FEMA officials found listed in a phone book and hired to document the aftermath of 9/11 -- has used the images he shot of a smoldering Ground Zero for a documentary he directed which also includes toppless women talking about their breasts, and naked dancing men. The documentary, titled Words, is described by the filmmkaer as follows: "Words explores the connections between such seemingly unrelated events as a Native American sweat lodge ceremony, a gathering of topless women and the devastation of the World Trade Center through a combination of documentary and reality-based entertainment." Huh? I have rarely heard such bullshit. These images are "seemingly unrelated" because they are... hmmm... UNRELATED! Unbelievably, Brown, who was also given unique NYPD helicopter access to shoot his film of Ground Zero, was paid $302,000 for his work, even after he refused to sign an agreement giving "title and ownership" to the agency that hired him! Wow!

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