Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Movies on the Beach

The movie on my mind tonight is The Beach Trilogy, a short film told in three chapters, that I'm in the process of adapting, directing and producing. The low budget, independent effort is based on two classic stories, and one classic illustration -- all which take place on a beach. Chapter one is based on "The Starfish Poem," the story of one boy's optimism in the face of overwhelming odds. Chapter two is adapted from "Footprints," which relates, in stirring fashion, one man's crisis of faith and his renewal. The final chapter fleshes out Norman Rockwell's classic 1921 illustration, "No Swimming," in which a group of mischievous boys get caught on a hot summer's day swimming where they shouldn't. Initial shooting for "Starfish," began last fall on location in Rockaway Beach, NY. As that chapter enters the post production phase, principal photography is scheduled to begin this spring on "Footprints" and "No Swimming." The Beach Trilogy is scheduled to be finished, and ready for online distribution and the festival circuit, by the fall.

Sounds cool.
Good luck.
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