Sunday, March 26, 2006


Spurlock: A Super Sized Jerk

Director Morgan Spurlock, who turned himself into a fast food consuming human guinea pig for the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, recently caused a stir after giving a profanity-laced speech to a group of high school students in Pennsylvania in which he also poked fun at "pot smoking teachers in the balcony" and "retarded kids in the back, wearing helmets," prompting teachers to remove the special needs children from the presentation. In the AP report of the incident, in what appears to be a somewhat self-righteous and arrogant response, Spurlock was quoted as saying, "The greatest lesson those kids learned today was the importance of free speech." Really, you ass? I disagree. The fact that we have free speech, I think, comes with some level of responsibility to use it wisely. Sure, Mr. Spurlock, we are still free in this country to sound like a jerk, which is what you are for giving this speech to these high school children in an academic setting. Had you been saying the same things to them at the playground, you still would have been a jerk, but at least then, your statements would not have been received, as they were, in a school sponsored presentation. Rather than so adamantly defend your speech as being protected by the constitution -- Of course it is, so what? So is shitting on a canvas, and calling it art -- perhaps you should have reviewed it, in private, and wondered whether being able to say such things is equal to one's best judgment to say them. Making fun at mentally challenged children, who are trying to have as successful a high school experience as their less challenged classmates, is simply pathetic, as are you for doing it. (Those children have a condition that give them their challenge. What's your excuse?) Just as worrisome is the fact the majority of the student body hearing the speech not only enjoyed it, but offered a standing ovation, and sought autographs afterwards

Now this is a good post. I hadn't seen this story before and you've presented it with some obvious passion and a strong position. (Also, if the story itself is accurate, I completely concur with your assessment.)
Let's see some more posts like this one!
This blog has balls.

Nice article.
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