Saturday, April 29, 2006


Bush Buffoonery on Screen

Some may feel (Jon Stewart, perhaps) that one need not look any further than the daily news coverage of President George W. Bush to witness "Bush buffoonery" on screen. And, while Bush is certainly not the first standing U.S. President to be made fun of, somehow it seems too easy with this administration. The tagline of the current film American Dreamz asks us to: "Imagine a country where the President never reads the newspaper, where the government goes to war for all the wrong reasons, and more people vote for a pop idol than their next President." Hmmmm. Imagine. Perhaps the reason the film was not a hit is the fact that imagining that isn't funny. Personally, it's much easier to accept that foreign terrorists attacked this country on 9/11 (as United 93 depicts) than it is to ponder too long on the series of mistakes made following that event, not just by the current administration -- but by the people of this country who voted that administration in A SECOND TIME!

keep going left...
Editor's note: While I appreciate Anonymous taking the time to comment, I must add that, it's not a matter of "right" and "left" and people, like anonymous -- who apparently sees the world that way -- might try gaining a little more BALANCE. Left is not right, and right is not right. Progressive, common sense thinking should prevail regardless. Anonymous' comment "to go left" is as unbalanced in its thinking as fervent right wingers who profess the opposite.
good point 'movies on my mind'. What I meant was keep speaking progressive, and expose failures in the system...
Movies on my mind makes a good point here. Once someone declares themselves Left or Right they're necessarily declaring allegiance to some kind of groupthink. Once you do that, you start to substitute your own observations for someone else's pre-packaged views. From there it's easy to make assessments based on the idea that one side's always right and in good faith and the other is bent on maximizing evil in the world. Once you've determined in advance that nothing Bush says could possibly be valid, you may as well have determined that nothing he says could possibly be wrong (as M.O.M.M says in another way). Often, the most worthwhile observations are the ones that surprise you and go against your ideology and make your normally like-minded friends treat you like a traitor to the cause. When that's at least a possibility, you're looking at issues instead of personalities and prejudices. To me, Mr. M.O.M.M. seems willing to fall on whatever side of the left/right divide a particular issue takes him. I've argued with him about some of his choices, but if I knew in advance what he'd think because it was the left or right boilerplate, then there'd be no reason to read his particular take on the issue.

When I wrote this: Once you do that, you start to substitute your own observations for someone else's pre-packaged views

I really meant the opposite of course. Silly me.
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