Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Let's Roll...The Trailer!

"Let's Roll!" was the battle cry from the heroic passengers aboard the doomed 9/11 flight United 93 as terrorists' plans to crash that plane into the White House were foiled by these passengers. The plane crashed in a Pennsylvania field instead, killing all aboard. "Let's Roll" -- as in let's roll the film projectors -- should also be the battle cry at the 3000 plus theaters showing the trailer for the upcoming film United 93 which depicts the details of the flight. America Online (AOL) reacted quickly to a supposed outcry to remove the United 93 trailer from theaters and polled its members as to whether the trailer should in fact be pulled, or perhaps shown with a warning label. Here's my emphatic answer to both questions -- "No!" The poll agrees -- An overwhelming 84 percent of those who responded said the United 93 trailer should not be pulled from theaters (and 41 percent of those also believed there should not be a warning label before showing it). An impressive 64 percent of those who responded said they are interested in seeing more films about 9/11. So what if this trailer shocks viewers. The events of 9/11 were shocking. And five years out from the events themselves is not too soon to explore what happened on film. Yes, thousands of families lost members on 9/11, but hundreds of thousands of families lost members during Vietnam and millions of families lost members during World War II, and some of the best films Hollywood has ever produced, tackled the events of those conflicts. The Deer Hunter and Coming Home -- the first significant films to dramatize Vietnam -- came out five years after the war ended. World War II films, such as The Best Years of Our Lives came out even quicker. The events of 9/11 are not off limits; the lives lost on that day no more or less sacred than the lives lost in battles during Vietnam or WW II. Now, some might argue that these were civilian lives. True. All the more reason for the country to see 9/11 films. People should see this trailer and the film itself. What are we shielding ourselves from?

There is nothing wrong, I believe, with films being made about September 11th. I agree with your article. If someone doesn't want to see it, they shouldn't buy a ticket (or the dvd).
Well put .. I was slightly uneasy watching the trailer for United 93, but it looks like it will be great ... Oliver Stone, however, just plain terrifies me
I cannot WAIT to see this!! It looks very intense!
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