Monday, April 24, 2006


Paul Icolari, Rocky Psychic

Paul Icolari -- lifelong friend, Best Man at my wedding, my daughter's Godfather -- it turns out, is also a psychic when it comes to Rocky films. Here's a true story -- one I wouldn't believe if I wasn't there to experience it myself. It was November 29, 1985 -- two days after Rocky IV had opened to huge boxoffice, and was well on its way to becoming the most successful entry in the series. I had just seen the film with Paul, and our friends Lisa and Richard. We gathered back at Paul's house that brisk November night and, while playing a game of "Quarters," we wondered what a Rocky V would be like. "Here's what I think they should do," said Paul, "Rocky looses his money, but will be too old to fight. He'll inherit Mickey's old gym, and become a trainer like Mickey, and he'll train a new "Rocky." Then that guy will rape Adrian, and Rocky will have a street brawl with him." Five years later, almost to the day, Rocky V opened. The plot was as follows: Rocky looses hit fortunes. He returns to the old neighborhood and learns that Mickey has willed the old gym to him. He meets an eager young boxer, and takes him under his wing. The new boxer turns his back on Rocky, becomes the new heavyweight champ and ultimately calls Rocky out onto the street for a fight to determine the better man. Wow! I was shocked. How could Paul have been that close five years in advance?! Then earlier this year, I mentioned in a piece here at "Movies on My Mind" that it appeared Sony Pictures was not going to take advantage of the fact that 2006 is the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Rocky. The scheduled release date for the latest sequel, Rocky Balboa, was February 2007. Commenting on here as "Getmeup," Icolari made another Rocky prediction: "Don't be surprised if the release date gets moved up to coincide with the 30th anniversary. Rocky was released November 21, 1976. Can you say on or about?" And Icolari was right again! Sony recently moved up the release date of Rocky Balboa from February 2007 to December 2006. I wonder if Rocky Psychic looks good on a resume?

You had one fact wrong, The gym was willed to Rockys' son, not to Rocky
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