Friday, April 28, 2006


Rewriting 9/11

Which of these do you choose to believe: 1) The attacks on September 11, 2001 were the results of years of careful planning by foreign terrorists, and the United States government did not know enough specifically about these plans to stop them? 2) The attacks on September 11, 2001 were the results of years of careful planning by foreign terrorists, but, the United States government knew they would happen, and allowed them? Or 3) The Untied States government itself planned and executed the attacks on September 11, 2001? As United 93, the first major Hollywood film about the events of 9/11, opens this week, scores of (far-flung) 9/11 conspiracy films are gaining popularity via the Internet -- the most popular of these being a film entitled Loose Change, which posits, among other things, that a missile, and not a plane, hit the Pentagon on 9/11. A couple of weeks ago, a regular reader of "Movies on My Mind" (whose name I won't reveal) sent me a link to this film and eagerly encouraged me to view it and to "keep an open mind." Here's the thing -- In a post 9/11 world, especially in a country whose citizens don't even believe we should be hit by a naturally occurring event, such as a hurricane, minds have been opened more than they ever hoped to be. And wild theories begin to fly in. (Do you know the one about folding a $20 bill to reveal the smoldering Twin Towers as PROOF the government knew it would happen? The irony that that was shown to me by a paranoid pothead has never been lost on me.) Unfortunately, these theories are compounded by the current administration's penchant for seemingly continuous lies. So, in the end, here's what you get: the attacks of 9/11, which many Americans (arrogantly enough) felt could never happen on U.S. soil + an administration that seems to be covering thing up = 9/11 conspiracy films. But here's the thing about conspiracies (as a wise friend of mine once pointed out) -- we give the people supposedly behind these conspiracies too much damn credit. Let's face it, people can't keep ANYTHING a secret (especially in this country). Yet theories still abound about widespread, massive cover-ups involving everything from the Kennedy assassinations to outer space aliens! Unfortunately (but understandably), the events of 9/11 have joined that group. And why? The simple answer is: In general, we humans give each other little reason to trust one another. Now, do I always think the "official story" is the real story? Of course not. But some conspiracy theories go just a little too far. Ever watch Oliver Stone's JFK (which I happen to love)? By the end of that film, Stone would have you believe EVERYONE was involved in killing Kennedy, including you, me, and the milkman! (Hey, maybe the The Rolling Stones did have it right when they said, "I shouted out, Who killed the Kennedy's? When after all It was you and me.")

I wonder what Oliver Stone's 9/11 film will be like? He's the best at conspiracy films. Will 'World Trade Center' follow in JFK's footsteps, or are in store for a cheesy Nic Cage-hero flick?!

I have an idea for a documenary leading up to the War in IRAN. It seems Bush & Condi are rolling up their sleeves for this next fight...
Speaking of the Stones, did you see that Keith Richards' fell out of a palm tree!?! Bob Denver I could see, but what was Keith Richards doing climbing a palm tree?
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