Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Superman Returns (Again), Just in Time!

"Superman where are you now, when everything's gone wrong some how. The men of steel, men of power, are losing control by the hour." Have those lyrics from Genesis' Land of Confusion ever seemed more prophetic? But faster than a speeding bullet -- as we continue to wage an endless war in Iraq; as terrorists continue to threaten us; when peace talks between Israel and Palestine have never been more distant; as our President has put nuclear weapons on the table to "deal" with Iran; as oil prices soar upwards; as corruption eats away at the fabric of our very government -- Superman Returns is set to hit theaters. Is there any doubt the film will break records? People need Superman now more than ever. (I argued earlier on here that now would be a good time for the Lone Ranger to return to the screen as well. But admittedly, the Lone Ranger is not able to "leap tall buildings in a single bound or bend steel with his bare hands.") Desperate times need super heroes. Superman has been re-invented more times than I care to count at the moment, but those rebirths have also made him a hero for the ages. And like Great Britain's King Arthur, Superman returns when we need him most. And we may never have needed him as much as we do at this very moment. Audiences, I assure you, are ready to line up and watch good conquer evil on screen. It's no accident that Spider-man is the mega hit it is, or that Batman came roaring back to the big screen in Batman Begins. I know America is waiting for its most iconic of superheroes to help them forget that in real life, "the men of power, are losing control by the hour."

I would argue that at least this nation's problems might be slightly reduced if America's electorate spent a little more time thinking about the real world and the awful compromises involved in real life and less time trying to escape in their minds to an impossible fantasy land of good vs. evil.
Rove, Bush, et. al. have used good-vs-evil rhetoric to get where they are. Wouldn't it be nice if everybody were instantly skeptical of such talk? Isn't it possible that the temporary palliative effect of movie about superheros saving the day can have on viewers might actually be detrimental in the longrun? While everybody's waiting for Superman to save the day, they're electing Stupidman to run the country. Maybe we'd be a better world with more movies that have no answers to life's unfixable problems. It would help train our minds a bit more to live in the world and not to try to enhabit an idealized fantasy version of the world. (I'm guessing I'm not going to get that job running a movie studio now)
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