Friday, May 26, 2006


6 + 6 + 06

Ok, so here's a question. Was the upcoming remake of the horror classic The Omen produced simply because someone at the 20th Century Fox marketing department realized that June 6, 2006 (the scheduled release date for the film) translates into 666? Someone must have thought it would make a good billboard (they're everywhere!) That's as good a reason as any, I suppose, for remaking a film that did not require a remake (nor, for that matter, the sequels it spawned). And here's a second question: Why aren't the Christians who are currently protesting The DaVinci Code, planning to protest a film about...the DEVIL? Well, here's my theory -- Fundamental Christians need the devil, just as much as James Bond needed the Cold War, and President Bush needs Al Qaeda.

My question is why not? Why not a creepy film made all the more creepy with the numbers floating around in one's mind? Why not use a date that natually exists to make a few dollars? I believe that March 17 and May 5 are both heavily exploited dates for drinking parties and bars make a killing off these numbers on the calendars.

People make some pretty large decisions sometimes based on some pretty insignificant details. I designed my whole kitchen around a cannister set. I think it is cool that someone had the foresight see it coming down the road and the planning capacity to turn it into a viable project. Hope it is a success.
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You Need Us
(Sung by The Honeybees)

(All Three Sing)

You need us, you need us.
Like a clam needs a shell.
Like a prisoner needs a cell.
Like a dingdong needs a bell.
You need us.

(Ginger Sings)

You need me, you need me.
Like a picture needs a star.
Like a golfer needs a par.
Like a teenager needs a car.
You need me.

(Mary Ann Sings)

You need me, you need me.
Like a baby needs a toy.
Like a wire needs a buoy.
Like a girl needs a boy.
You need me.

(Lovey Sings)

You need me, you need me.
Like a diamond needs a ring.
Like a harp needs a string.
Like a queen needs a king.
You need me.

(All Three Sing):

You need us, you need us.
Like a bee needs a buzz.
Like a peach needs its fuzz.
So that's why you need us.
Ok... I fell to the pressure and saw the OMEN today...06/06/06. I liked it. I don't remember too much about the original so comparisons won't do much good. But the movie seemed to be appropriately updated...they used digital cameras and cell phones. The prophetic events were interpreted with some very current events and that was kind of scary. And it wasn't over loaded with indecipherable Biblical references. It was worth the 6.25 admission price. For what it is worth..just my 2 cents.
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