Sunday, May 21, 2006


Be a Part of It...

If you go to the movies in New York, or just live in New York, you may recognize, from time to time, a building or street that you've seen on screen. That's because New York is among the most filmed cities in the world when it comes to the movies. And it's no wonder why -- the city is so rich with character, it lends flavor to any movies it's a part of. (Crews are always setting up a location shoot somewhere in town. Believe me, I've had to drive around enough of them!) Lower Manhattan will give you glimpses into Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets, Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather (which, of course, also uses many other parts of the city), Abel Ferrara's China Girl, and Oliver Stone's upcoming World Trade Center, among many, many others. Greenwich Village can "put you in" any number of Woody Allen films. Beyond the Village, Allen has used so much of New York in his films -- who can forget the Carnegie Deli in Broadway Danny Rose? Likewise, Rob Reiner's When Harry Met Sally takes you all over town -- If you don't want to live in New York after seeing that film, you would never want to. Times Square might remind you of King Kong, Midnight Cowboy, The Sunshine Boys or even Friday the 13th Park VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan! Herald Square might make you remember A Miracle on 34th Street. The Central Park Zoo could make you feel like you are in Madagascar. But these are obvious locations in New York. The city is, in fact, FILLED with smaller, lesser known buildings and streets that have played a part in thousands of films. If you have the time, just stroll around and you're sure to come across a piece of the city that's been used in a film or two. Or, if you want to make sure you don't miss some of the more famous locations, you can always join an organized tour, such as Screen Tours ( Either way, it's always a thrill to be a part of a location you can later point out on film and say, "I was there!"

There's a place in Central Park underneath a little bridge that I have walked by a few times. This was used in a critical scene in Spike Lee's 'The 25th Hour'. Edward Norton gets beat up pretty bad by his friend before heading off to jail. You know where I'm talking about?
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