Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here We Go Again: World Trade Center Trailer Debated

The trailer for the eagerly awaited Oliver Stone film World Trade Center -- which frames the details of the 9/11 attacks in New York around the heroic rescue of Port Authority police officer John McLoughlin -- debuted today at and is set to be shown nationwide, before screenings of The Da Vinci Code, on Friday. And just like United 93 earlier this year, the release of the World Trade Center trailer has sparked a debate about whether such a trailer should even be shown. I'll say what I said when the debate surrounding United 93 erupted. Of course it should be shown. Invariably, when articles are written on these issues, journalists seem to automatically go to 9/11 victim family members for comment. Do they have these people on speed dial? The "9/11 Families" have seem to become some sort of lobbying group. Their influence in expediting a 9/11 investigation was certainly a good thing, but their role in subsequent 9/11-related issues -- including the construction of a 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero, and the recent movie trailers -- seem a bit much. I am convinced that the solemnity we have attached to the 9/11 events has given the "9/11 Families" this kind of leverage. I will repeat -- the lives lost on 9/11 are no more or less important that the lives lost during World War II, Vietnam, or Iraq. It's time filmmakers explore 9/11. It's been long enough. These films, as they are produced, should not be stifled by the "9/11 Families" or anyone else. I'll say it again: Let's roll...the projectors!

Well, there is one difference- not to be contrarian- but the lives lost on 9/11 were civilians...
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