Monday, May 22, 2006


It's All About Bandwidth, Baby!

If you have a high speed connection, and if you have a computer with massive amounts of memory, and if you have a DVD burner attached...then perhaps you can enjoy the latest form of movie rental and buying -- direct downloads to your computer! Companies such as are touting the most advanced way to rent or buy a movie, but it discriminates against people with slow connections or low-memory computers. There has been much talk lately about attempts by corporate America to privatize the Internet. Developments such as movie downloads seem to be in lockstep with that thinking. Either you pay to get on the Superhighway or you walk! Is it possible that someday soon, the Internet, and its services, will be the privilege of the elite, with poorer users left to fend for cyber crumbs? Well, if developments such as Movielink catch on, it seems a likely future. Now, music is one thing. It doesn't take much bandwidth to download audio. But the right to download a movie to your computer seems to the privilege of the rich at the moment. Will the further development of this technology eventually make pre-packaged DVDs obsolete? Will it force movie lovers, or even the average citizen, to pony up the dough for better equipment and faster connections -- to just rent a movie? I think it will. Imagine the day you have to pay to Google! Buyer beware!

Movielink doesn't work with Mac...just went to the site. That's not right.
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