Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Stonyfield Yogurt Film Attempts to Save the World!

I was enjoying a cup of Stonyfield Yogurt (my favorite yogurt) today, when I noticed on the cap word "Futureflix," designed in the style of the Netflix logo. "Ah, another film contest," I thought to myself. Everybody seems to be running film contests these days. (I even noticed one at Boston Market restaurants a few weeks ago, in which the restaurant encouraged its customers to produce a minute-long film showing what they would do with the hour Boston Market saves them from cooking). So, I went to the Stonyfield Farms website ( to check out "Futureflix." Turns out, it's not a contest at all. In fact, it's something much more ambitious. Stonyfield actually hopes to literally save the world, with a short film it produced and has made available to viewers via the Internet. Here's an excerpt from the letter by Stonyfield CEO, Gary Hirshberg, introducing the film and the concept behind it: "Back in the early was already clear that human activities...were resulting in a warming of the planet...These predictions seemed like forever away back then, but not any longer...Can we save the planet? Is there still time? These are the questions that keep me up at night...I don't pretend that we can reverse climate changes only by switching to more energy efficient household light bulbs.Ultimately, the greatest power to make the most immediate change lies within industry. But that's where you and I come in. In my 2+ decades in business, I've learned that industry does what consumers and investors tell us to do. We've created a short internet film, Climate: A Crisis Averted, that looks back from 2056 and recounts how ordinary citizens in 2006 -- people like you and me -- take action to demand clean energy and other steps to reverse climate change. It's fiction, but it doesn't need to be. WE, each and every one of us, can make it happen. For starters, I'm writing to ask you to watch the movie. It can be viewed at and then send this link on to all your friends and colleagues. The internet gives us the power to reach millions in hours...If we act together now, I truly believe that we can save the planet." The film is a fictional documentary on how Hirshberg's hopes actually come to pass through a grassroots Internet movement to get the word out about global warming. I applaud Stonyfield for doing this and demonstrating its faith in the power of film to enact change. I urge you to see it, and, as he suggests, send it along to friends. Let's do what we can now to make the planet as good as it can be for our children, and our children's children.

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