Thursday, June 22, 2006


Gross is the Word

I realize that a legion of movie lovers have built a cult around the kitsch 1970s musical Grease, but I recently watched just a couple of minutes of it on TV the other day and I have to say -- people in their 30s, running around pretending to be teenagers is just plain...creepy. Clearly, there are times in film when this can work. The Graduate for example. Dustin Hoffman, as recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock, in real life was 30, only five years younger than Anne Bancroft, who played the "older" Mrs. Robinson in the film. Michael J. Fox did a good job at playing a teenager in the TV show Family Ties and the Back to the Future films. Now, I know the popularity of Grease proves me wrong here, but there was simply something immediately jarring about these older actors pretending to be high school students. Not that Olivia Newton-John, or even John Travolta for that matter, are difficult to look at, but all of a sudden, the film struck me as some over produced 50s night at the local Elk's Club with old married couples dressing up and trying to recapture their youth. If this film is ever remade, here's a novel idea -- cast teenagers as the teenagers.

I was a teenager when Grease came out, and I can't think of any actors,from that time, that could
have done as great a job as the actors that were cast did
I'm sorry, I meant there were no teenage actors at that time.
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