Monday, June 12, 2006


Is it Brett Ratner's World?

Director Brett Ratner -- who splashed onto the Hollywood scene, and created his own franchise, with his unexpected hit comedy Rush Hour -- has seemingly become the "go to" man for other valued film franchises. First, (following in the footsteps of Jonathan Demme and Ridley Scott), he was handed the third in the Silence of the Lambs series, Red Dragon. Then, he was picked as the man to return Superman to the screen. But that fell through (due to casting issues) and was ultimately handed to X-Men series director Bryan Singer. So, with Singer taking the reigns from Ratner on Superman Returns, who better to give the X-Men series to then...hmmm....Ratner! The Ratner/Singer switch looks like a win-win situation. At the height of the Rat Pack years, it was joked that this was really Sinatra's world and the rest of us were just living in it. I wonder if the same could soon be said for Ratner, who slowly but surely, is gaining the trust of the Hollywood industry and, with results like X-Men: The Last Stand, earning it. In terms of commercial success, Ratner has clearly joined the A-list. Can he rise to the top of it?

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