Thursday, June 29, 2006


Knock Knock, Anybody Home?

The other day, "Movies on My Mind" received an excited correspondence from a film publicist who has contacted me several times in the past. I won't mention a name. It's not the intention of this piece to put this person on the spot (although I do think her lack of follow up in the past has left alot to be desired). However, I would like to make a larger point. The correspondence I received indicated that the publicist read a piece I wrote for "Movies on My Mind" which referred to Michael Moore as the most important filmmaker working today. So, she wrote, since she was covering Morgan Spurlock's new project, 30 Days, she wondered if I would be interested in participating in a promotion for that project. First off, I immediately presumed while she may have enjoyed my piece on Moore she clearly hadn't read the "Movies on My Mind" piece which said Morgan Spurlock is a Supersized Jerk. Secondly, beyond the fact that both Moore and Spurlock are considered to be left leaning documentarians, what does one have to do with the other? I guess what I'm saying here is this publicist didn't take the time to see if I had written anything on Spurlock (which I did). Nor did she bother to find out if what I wrote was negative (it was, due to remarks he made during a speech to school children). She simply felt that since I had written about Moore, I would naturally be interested in Spurlock. So, what accounts for this? Is it that she may have been reared on the kind of "in the moment" journalism which doesn't seem to care (or know) what happened last week? Could it be that what passes for journalism these days just clumps everyone with similar leanings into one big fat category? (You need to listen not further than Randi Rhodes or Sean Hannity, to see what I mean.) Afterall, even our black-and-white President made it clear, "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." So, does this mean, if I am "with" Michael Moore, it would only logically follow that I am also "with" Morgan Spurlock? The world, regardless of what today's vapid media, and our President, would like to have you believe, is just not that simple. I mean, afterall, we should also remember -- Moore's most recent film took on President George W. Bush, while Spurlock's film took on a clown... Umm. Wait. Hmmm. Ok, so that's a bad example. But anyway, the world still isn't that simple. Does anyone do homework anymore?

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