Sunday, June 11, 2006


My Daughter's First Holy Communion

My daughter received her First Holy Communion on May 21, and at the time, I was told that no motion picture cameras (or still photography cameras, for that matter) were allowed in the church during the ceremony. Was the reason, the sanctity of the event? No. The church had hired Video Creations (a Staten Island-based wedding videography production company) to film the service, so they could sell it back to me as a packaged DVD for a pretty hefty price. Now, of course, few will argue the sentimental value of such a film for a parent. However, for the price tag -- and given the advancements made in digital video and post production by now -- I was expecting a pretty polished production. While the DVD I received did have menu options, the production itself was pretty disappointing. The cinematography was static and repetitive. The sound quality was shoddy, and the editing was all but non-existent. There's no excuse for this these days. There are plenty of film students who could (and I venture would LOVE to) cut their teeth working for such production companies -- some fresh talent who would really be able to offer the customer something special at the end. Numerous film directors have been plucked from relative obscurity because of the work they've done on music videos. To use a baseball analogy, if feature films are the major leagues, and music videos are the minors, then I grant you that event videography is double A ball. However, I would encourage a new generation of filmmakers to use this area of motion picture production to "do something special" -- not only be able to offer the customer a quality project, but perhaps be plucked from obscurity themselves.

Now do you really think that the people who work for Video Creations in Staten Island are waiting to be plucked from obscurity by their communion racket videos? First, obscurity would be a giant step up. And, more importantly, even if there is a delusional Robert Rodriguez wannabe in the group, they're going to be using the company equipment on weekends to make their pathetic 'dream project.' They're not going to waste what is likely their extremely limitied fount of creativity on your daughter's communion video when you'd shell out the cash for it no matter what.
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