Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The Nickelodeon Movie Empire

What movie studio could ask for anything more? Nickelodeon has it made! A high recognition brand venue to develop its film projects (as TV shows first) right in front of its target audience, and the same venue to market its films, once the TV show (upon which it's based) is a hit. Forget the days when the network for best known for its game shows of green slime. Now, it's a well-oiled factory of TV shows-to-movies. Hit after hit. The Rugrats: The Movie. The Rugrats in Paris. The Rugrats Go Wild. Hey, Arnold: The Movie. The Wild Thornberrys Movie. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (which was even nominated for an Oscar!). And when the network develops an original movie, such as Nacho Libre (with Jack Black), again it again has the built-in venue to market it to the hilt. Built in give-aways. Built-in contests. Built-in interview opportunities. The Nickelodeon movie empire harkens back to the vertical days of the studio system, when the majors owned the equipment, the talent, the production lots, and the movie theaters.

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