Sunday, June 04, 2006


Remember Kelly McGillis?

Does anybody here remember Kelly McGillis? The bright, beautiful, and talented actress had a triad of films which firmly established her back in the mid-to-late 80s as an actress to watch. Then (although she has acted regularly since), she seemed to have fallen from public awareness. In 1985, she burst onto the scene -- and gained immediate popular and critical acclaim -- acting opposite Harrison Ford in the taut Peter Weir thriller, set on an Amish farm, Witness. She brought a refreshing level of intelligence, grace, and innocence to her character Rachel, the Amish woman caught in the midst of a crime drama. The next year, she was well on her way to superstar status, opposite Tom Cruise in Tony Scott's high flying film Top Gun. Then, in 1988's The Accused, along with Jodie Foster (who won the Oscar for this role), McGillis received critical praise as the defense attorney in a violent rape case. Ironically, it was also around this time that the fact McGillis herself was sexually assaulted -- back in 1982 -- began to surface. In interviews, she said it was one of the reasons she embraced her role in The Accused. Then...nothing. Not one of McGillis' projects from that point on ever seemed to catch fire. I wonder why? Here's one fan hoping she can land the kind of vehicle that will make viewers (and critics) sit up and notice again.

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