Saturday, June 24, 2006


Rob Zombie's Halloween

Well folks, Movies on My Mind kinda predicted this (see: Remaking John Carpenter Films, 9/20/2005). In the wake of long time Halloween producer Moustapha Akkad's sudden death (due to a terrorist bombing), the producers of the long running horror series have decided to scrap the idea of exploring the early years of Michael Myers in exchange for handing musician/director Rob Zombie an opportunity to REMAKE the original. That's right, following remakes of (George A. Romero's) Dawn of the Dead, (Tobe Hooper's) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and (Wes Craven's) The Hills Have Eyes, the producers of the Halloween series have finally decided to remake the original story. Zombie is not saying much about the film at this point (due out in 2007) other than it will bring back the characters of Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis, take place in 1978, and add some original elements to the mix.

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The remake cannot match the original. But, it will be interesting to see it... I'll be there.
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