Friday, June 09, 2006


Those Crazy Christians!

Forget the Jesus and Mary thing, The DaVinci Code -- like Carrie, Seven, 8MM, Midnight Cowboy, the god awful See No Evil (which actually prompted this piece), and countless other horror films -- portrays Christians as crazed and murderous lunatics!!! Why was there no outcry from the Christian community over See No Evil -- in which a mass murdering fiend literally rips the eyes from his victim's sockets because he is convinced by his "good Christian mother" that it prevents them from "seeing the sin?" To this day, the Brian DePalma film adaptation of the Stephen King novel Carrie, is the benchmark for all Christian loonies -- Piper Laurie's brilliant portrayal of Mrs White, and her personal brand of "religious instruction," I'm sure scared the begeezes out of many a Sunday School student. (There are few more unsettling images on film than poor Carrie White forced by her mother into a closet to pray to a Voodoo doll version of a crucified Christ with wide starring eyes!) In Andrew Kevin Walker's Seven and 8MM, the "monsters" in the films are either outwardly Christian, or implied to be so. (Seven's John Doe may not be identifid as a Christian per se, but he is certainly killing on "Christian principles.") When Ratzo Rizzo cons Joe Buck out of a few dollars in Midnight Cowboy, he does so by sending him to a crazed Christian, who then attempts to have Buck kneel down and pray with him before a flashing red plastic statue of Jesus (which pops out of his closet!) Time and again -- See No Evil and The DaVinci Code, with its murderous albino monk, are just the latest examples -- films turn to Christians as the de facto crazies. That is what should have been brought to public attention in the fervor over The DaVinci code. Other religious or social groups would not stand for such stereotyping, and it's about time that films which portray Christians as loonies are spotlighted for the slanderous images they perpetuate.

Very interesting article. Your description of Carrie (and the crazy mother) just gave me the chills..
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