Sunday, July 23, 2006


Drive-In Memories

Few cinematic experiments hold greater lore in the minds of movie lovers (or at least this movie lover) than the Drive-In Movie Theater. Sure, 3-D Movies were fun (sometimes). Double features made for some great memories too. But neither top the experience of the Drive-In. The very nature of it speaks to a simpler time, of warm Saturday nights in the heart of middle America. The Drive-In has since faded away in my neck of the woods. The last one, within any driving distance, was in Westbury, NY. But that has since been turned into (surprise) a multiplex. I only had the opportunity to experience a Drive-In twice, once in Westbury (just before it closed) and one other time, just outside Cincinnati. Watching a movie at a Drive-In is sort of like watching a movie in an airplane (not the most conducive to enjoyable viewing) still, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. In fact, if I could, I would see a film at a Drive-In again. Do you have any great Drive-In memories? Some great websites on drive-ins can be found at,, and

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